Delicious meals on board the Duyung Baru

Scrumptious treats from Yani’s kitchen

We know that we can’t entirely control what your underwater experiences are, but above water we will do our utmost to deliver to you a first class experience. Amazing food is one of the areas were we make a special effort to excel! And that is one of the reasons that our customers have marked our liveaboard product five stars.  Lovingly prepared by Yani, she provides her guests with  authentic Indonesian, Japanese and Western cuisine.

We have always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why we offer it twice. First we have a simple breakfast before the first dive. For some that means just a warm cup of coffee and for others maybe a slice of bread with jam or cheese. Then after we work up an appetite from our morning dive we serve a full Mediterranean buffet breakfast! Freshly baked bread prepared daily, eggs (fried, poached or scrambled), croissants, pretzels, fresh tomatoes, various cheeses and even pancakes on some days are all common menu items.

 Lunch is served after the second dive. This is an Asian affair and we like to keep it light due to our diving. We will have different kinds of soups (vegetable, chicken, miso, nasi rawon and an Indonesian speciality, a spiced beef soup with a hint of peanut sauce. Our soups are always served with noodles, rice noodles or rice depending on what we are having.

Lastly, Dinner. A chance to fill our bellies so we have maximum energy for the next day! The themes change from night to night. The menu is sure to involve something delicious. Common dishes are Indonesian curries, large BBQ grouper, Red Snapper, BBQ chicken, and even freshly rolled sushi!

On our vessel you will never get hungry we guarantee that. In between meals there is always fresh fruit upon request, cookies in a jar, and after the night dive there will be some sugary treats waiting for you. This could be banana cake, cheese cake, creme pudding, or even roasted nuts for the people who have a drink after the dive.

P.S. If you are a vegetarian let us know before and our chef will make some extra vegetarian dishes just for you. If you have any allergies let us know also and we make sure there are plenty of choices of food that you like and your body agrees with.