The story of Duyung Baru

German born Korth Vovo arrived in Bali in way back 1993. As a young man he had initially set out to enjoy the uncrowded, world-class surf breaks of Indonesia. He spent 5 years setting up his own beachwear  company while still managing to find time for his passion of surfing. Eventually he decided to sell his small export company which enabled him to afford his very first boat - It was an old Indonesian Phinisi sailboat named Duyung (which means Mermaid)

​The sailboat was purchased in 1998 with the intention of discovering new surf breaks that were only accessible by boat. It quickly became apparent however that the boats engine was just too small and coming into close proximity of these breaks was just too dangerous. It was at this point that Vovo was re-introduced to Scuba diving. Vovo and his crew sailed the Indonesian archipelago exploring and scuba diving in uncharted territory for the next 3 years. In this time Vovo met his soon to be wife- Yani. The two formed a lifelong relationship and complimented each other perfectly. They held a common goal, to enjoy their lives and to share their joy with their friends and their guests aboard the liveaboard Duyung.

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​After 3 years of sailing the archipelago looking for the perfect place for them to settle the choice was made, the place that inspired Vovo and Yani the most was ​Komodo​. These waters were just teeming with marine life and in great abundance. Diving with Mantas, Sharks and Giant Trevally was a common occurrence.  A compressor was quickly purchased and the underwater exploration of the Komodo National Park really began. At the time there was only one other liveaboard boat operating in Komodo, consequently a lot of pioneering work went into these exploration expeditions. Discovering new sites and learning the hard way how best to dive these tricky waters with uncompromising currents. There are not many people alive today who have more knowledge of the dive sites and waters of Komodo than Vovo and his crew.

​The liveaboard Duyung operated for another enjoyable and successful 10 years before Vovo decided to sell it in 2011 in order to make way for an upgraded personally designed new Vessel. Vovo was able to draw on his previous 13 years experience of living aboard the Duyung to channel this knowledge into designing his new and perfect liveaboard - 'The Duyung Baru' ​(The new mermaid). ​Consequently the Duyung Baru is designed and organised close to perfection and today's guests enjoy extremely comfortable and clean living during their stay.