A Selayar diving story

​​​We started 1998 in Selayer our Diving operation

​ ​Nobody wanted to  follow ,because nobody know us​,​so i just stay month after month in south Selayar .In this area where Jochen have the Selayar dive resort​​Waterfall exploration,inhabitant beaches  and ​ incredible good dive sites was  daily routine .

​ From ​November until April is the ​best time ​todive at the drop off in Selayar.​

​Over the years forget about Selayar and focus on diving in Komodo.

In  March  2019 we cruises from Bira to Komodo.I had a few days time until we picked up our guests at Selayar dive Resort.

I could not believe about the major changes on Selayar dive sites .The dense of the fish is spectacular  and the best is :

No other diving boats.

​Now we  decided to focus back on the beautiful Island in south Sulawesi .Also features the great waterfalls and uninhabited beaches of this picturesque island.If you are looking for an authentic diving cruise for your famil​y or a small group of divers, you ​should  ​ join our cruises .

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