A Selayar diving story

​​​1998 ,We started in Selayer our Diving operation

​ Hardly  any guests wanted to follow ​,time for us , cruise and dive around.

​​Waterfall exploration,inhabitant beaches  and ​ incredible good dive sites was  daily routine .

​ From mid March to October diving cruises in Komodo.

From  October to mid January in south Sulawesi / Bira / Selayar

In the monsoon months, January and February, we been never operating.
Big waves, rain and strong west wind  all over Indonesia.

​Over the years forget about Selayar and focus on diving in Komodo.

In  March  2019 we cruises from Bira to Komodo.
I had a few days time until we picked up our guests at Selayar dive Resort.

I could not believe about the major changes on Selayar dive sites .

The dense of the fish is spectacular  and the best is :

No other diving boats.

​Now we  decided to focus back on the beautiful Island in south Sulawesi .

Also features the great waterfalls and uninhabited beaches of this picturesque island.

If you are looking for an authentic diving cruisefor your Familie or a small group of divers, you are welcome to join our cruises .

​From Komodo to Selayar starting 14 . December 2019

and 9. April 2020  from Sulawesi/Bira/Selayar to Komodo

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