Wakatobi liveaboard

Wakatobi is a new destination for the Duyung Baru. Located near the southern tip of Sulawesi in the Banda sea, we stumble upon four pristine exotic islands: Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko.  Using the first letters of the four main islands we have the name- Wakatobi.


Wakatobi is located at the world’s epicenter of coral reef biodiversity and is designated a UNESCO Marine Biosphere Reserve. Of course this means that while diving at Wakatobi we see a great variety and diversity of marine life. We not only see beautiful vistas, untouched virgin coral reefs, and large healthy soft corals, but also an abundance of colorful reef fish and rare and unusual cryptic ‘critters’. New and undocumented species continue to be discovered at Wakatobi year round.

sea-fans-gorgonian-wakatobi                    chromodoris-bullocki-labuan-bajo-diving

Wakatobi is a photographers dream. Crystal clear waters, little currents and great light combine to produce world class diving conditions.  Exotic and rare marine life can be found on all dives. The Duyung Baru will moore in a secluded calm bay and from there we travel by speedboat to the various dive sites of the islands. There is a variety of diving to be completed from sheer dropoffs and caves, to the shallower reefs perfect for wide angle and macro photography. On our Wakatobi Liveaboard charter we will make several dives at the best locations on each of the four islands. Wakatobi is definately one of the most interesting and relatively unexplored dive destinations left in the world. We truly believe this is an opportunity not to be missed out upon. In future years there is predicted to be a large rise in tourism in this area, the result of this, sadly, is that these virgin corals may not be so undistrurbed. Our wakatobi liveaboard is truly an opportunity to be apart of and you will be treated to an underwater world that not many poeple in the world will ever have access too while it is still in this pristine condition. Duyung Baru is currently also running combination tours, where we split our time between Komodo and Wakatobi. If you are interested don’t hesitate to send an email inquiry.

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