Scuba Diving

Lets make no mistake, the real reason we run these charters is for the scuba diving. Aboard the Duyung Baru we always want to provide the best scuba diving destinations possible. Meaning that the waters that the Duyung Baru sail upon are truly world class. We are currently operating within the Komodo National Park, Selayar and our newest untouched virgin coral dive destination, Wakatobi!

indonesia-komodo-castle-rock-sharks-giant-trevalley          indonesia-komodo-manta-rays

Rest assured, our vessel is fully equipped for our scuba diving expeditions with over 30 tanks (12 and 15L) and complete sets of diving equipment for rent if required.
The waters of the Komodo National Park  are not easy to predict, they require an extensive knowledge of tides, currents and surface water movements to know exactly where to drop. Get it wrong and you will miss the critical point where the currents split and all the highest intensity action is to be observed. Luckily for us, our Dive guide and cruise director ‘Vovo’ brings a wealth of experience to his position. With over 8000 dives within the Komodo National Park alone, Vovo will bring you along to the most impressive dive sites including the legendary Batu Bolong, Golden Passage, Castle Rock and The Cauldron just to name a few. At these sites we can hope to see Giant Trevalley hunting schools of baitfish, Eagle rays, Manta rays, Napolean Wrasse, Bumphead parrot fish plenty of tropical corals, white and black tip reef sharks and huge varieties of tropical reef fish! We also encounter brilliant dive sites for Macro diving where all the small critters you can imagine are waiting to be found.

 indonesia-wakatobi-pink-soft-corals              indonesia-komodo-orange-frogfish-macro

Perhaps the most exciting part of 2015 for us was exploring the waters of Wakatobi. We found ourselves in the middle of a vast array of untouched virgin coral reefs and absolutely no other scuba diving liveaboards operating in the waters. Due to this we are now currently organising charters to this destination throughout November and December of 2016 and 2017.

indonesia-wakatobi-virgin-coral                indonesia-wakatobi-georgonian-fan