Underwater Photography Indonesia

Here aboard the Duyung Baru we know how much divers love photography.
Our divemaster is your top spotter.
We have worked with many photographers and videographers over the years.
We have developed a reliable system for getting you and your equipment in and out of the water comfortably and safely.
We will always do our best to have you in the ideal position and locations possible to suit the conditions!
If you are not a photographer and are with us purely to dive that is great as well!
There is an amazing amount to see .
Check out our galleries bellow to get a feel of what you can witness within the Indonesian waters.We also do special cruises to Nusa Kode in south Rinjs.
The best time to dive in south of Rinja is in April-May and October-November.nusa Kode is on of the best places in Indonesi to do Macro photography.Please join our Komodo cruises!