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Ready for the experience of a lifetime? Make the next get away the best scuba diving in Komodo liveaboard. Vacations may be difficult to decide, especially when looking for an out of the box destination. There’s so much to think about that it can be a hassle to put it all together. With a liveaboard diving trip one will receive the total package in an intimate setting. The itinerary and lodging are mapped out so that guests can be just that, guests. The best part is not having to compete with other occupants or try to figure out if one will have time to see it all. With the established packages, there is access to night diving and day trip adventures on and off shore.


When going on vacation, wherever one stays needs to be like a home away from home. A liveaboard is special because it is not like a cruise ship. There are not hundreds of people sharing one space. The meticulously designed sailing boats comfortably accommodate four to six guests at a time. The limited number of occupants allows for the focus to be on those in attendance giving them the best of the best. One will be able to ask as many questions as they want without feeling as a hindrance to others. Most importantly, the adventures are great for bonding or simply getting to know new people.

The rooms of the sail boats are designed as cabins to really give more of a “at home” vibe. Whether the stay is 7 days and 6 nights or 9 days and 8 nights, the rooming situation will be comfortable. This is where the space becomes your own. There is room to not only dorm, but store what you need to and not live out of a suitcase the entire time. Similar to hotels, there is WiFI and air conditioning available along with daily maintenance. The cabin sizes range from double to single with snorkeling and fishing gear included. Furthermore, each cabin has its own bathroom.

There is plenty of food to go around for all aboard with servings of breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the entire journey. Breakfast staples are the basics from eggs and croissants. Lunch is lighter as it is served around the time when one would be diving. Soup is a great choice that is served in a variety of styles such as vegetable, chicken, and miso. The dinner menu has Indonesian curry flavored with turmeric and coconut milk. There’s also fresh options from sushi to red snapper.

Scuba Diving Dreams

There is much to see when diving in Indonesia with key diving sports being Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat. The area features three main islands, Rinca Island, Komodo Island, and Padar Island. These are surrounded by smaller islands, such as Labuan Bajo, plus there’s the main attraction, the Komodo dragon. It’s the world’s largest living lizard weighing nearly 150 pounds. There is also access to the manta rays and reef sharks. Manta rays are a top attraction in Indonesia. There’s also the giant trevally which is one of the largest members of the Caranx marine life species.

Raja Ampat, better known as “The Four Kings,” features 1500 islands. The similarities to that of Komodo National Park are the smaller islands surrounding the 4 main ones. Those include: Waigeo Island, Batanta Island, Salawati Island, and Misool Island. Divers will be able to take in over 9 million acres of land and sea while viewing over 1500 types of both coral and coral fish.
Castle rock is one of the phenomenal dive spots available in the area. One will enjoy all the deep-sea life there is. A key feature of castle rock is that there’s no time of year where it’s not great to visit. That’s a bonus for all those looking for a year-round vacation.

Under the Sea Photos

The gear needed is generally included in the package. Any additional fees are otherwise stated. If interested in taking personal photos, there are water resistant cameras available. These cameras can be purchased before the vacay without breaking the bank. There are also options aboard that will take images for the guests. For those wanting to take it themselves, the digital cameras typically have a hand strap, media slot, and a full range of scene modes. Under water cases have dual gaskets that provide double the protection. The best part? Individuals can dive up to 130 feet without worries of losing quality of images.

Adventure of a Lifetime

When planning a vacancy for family or a weekend getaway with friends, consider the best scuba diving in Komodo liveaboard. The amenities available take the stress out of the planning time that would go into the most comfortable stay. The packages have been created to give the most amazing experience that will be a conversation starter for years to come. Truly one will have all that is needed minus airfare which will have to be paid for separately. A weeks’ worth of fun is definitely worth the price. One can share all they saw while scuba diving plus the locations they made a pit stop at. Do not delay on booking this once in a lifetime adventure as you travel throughout Komodo islands.