Luxury diving liveaboard Komodo

Welcome on Bord  Duyung Baru :
Divers ,Families ,Snorkelers and Free-divers !

So! What makes us so unique?

      First of all  Duyung Baru ​is a boat with only 3 cabins ​.
​It makes the diving experience  much better ,if you are diving in a small group.
​The boat ​affordable enough for  charter the with your friends or your family​ all by yourself.
          The point of privacy .
Duyungbaru is 26m long it is very specious for only 6 guests on Bord.

The cabins are  same or bigger size then on large boats.
​Particular in the Komodo National Park making them two one of the most experienced tour operators in the region.

The boat is very clean,without any crawling small animals ,what you might find somewhere else in ​Asia.

​About our food ,yes everybody claims to have the best food ,therefore you can check out on Tripadvisor.
 Or read more on our page YANIES KITCHEN.

​    ​Many of smaller boats do not offer NITROX ,we do.


​Dining Area and kitchen

The comfortable  saloon  is very well circulated with a view on the ocean during your meals.


A top deck sun-lounge area ideal for sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying the impressive island vistas.

On our boat we take only experienced Divers with a minimum of 75 Dives.The reason ​is to do not mixup with ​different levels of divers.
For full charter everybody is welcome.
Thanks to our small groups we are able to run custom itineraries.
​Every evening we deciding together with the guests,on where we want to dive the next day.
 Depending on weather conditions and also taking into account what our divers are excited to see.